French Frenzy: 4 Must-Haves For Your French Country Living Room

7 October 2014
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Buying a home is a wise financial investment, but it is also smart for your family's lifestyle and needs. When it comes to adding personality, incorporating your likes and dislikes is key to an appealing, personable living space. Many homeowners enjoy the look and feel of French country décor.  With a mixture of colors, patterns, and rustic and formal materials, it is easy to see why so many love a French country look. To create this style in your own living room, consider using this list of must-haves for your French-country space.

Go Vintage or Go Home

A trip to your local home décor retailer will offer you a large variety of candles, frames, and decorative accessories for your home. While these may appear similar to items you would find in you preferred décor, adding some vintage pieces is essential for your French country living room.

Visit flea markets and consignment stores to find vintage accessories to use in surprising ways. For example, an antique magnifying glass would complement a stack of books on modern design. Or, choose handmade, vintage quilts to drape over a modern settee. Use a heavy, wrought-iron rooster statue as a doorstop to fully encompass the French country design. 

By combining new pieces with vintage accessories, your living space will be elegant and creative.

Mix up Metal and Wood

Furnishing your living room will be a challenge considering the different chairs, sofas, and table options. However, combining soft upholstery with metal and wood tables, your living room will have the French country style you desire.

  • Seating – Choose a structured sofa and multiple accent chairs. Opt for suede or microfiber upholstery in a solid color for your main sofa. For accent seating, search for patterned upholstery in various shades of pink, green, and cream.
  • Occasional Tables – A coffee table with metal legs and a wood top is ideal, but using glass works well with your French country look, as well. If choosing glass, find accent and side tables with rustic or industrial styles.

Bring the Outdoors In

Adding a deck, porch, or patio onto will offer you a 90.3 percent return on your investment, but the addition will also enhance you French country style. To combine your outdoor and indoor living rooms to make an open space, consider connecting a porch with a set of French patio doors.

While it may not be financially feasible for you, adding a screen porch is a great way to add value and increase your home's style. The French doors in the living room can open up and out onto your screen porch to bring the outdoors in. When entertaining your family or a larger group of guests, you can open up the doors to make one large space.

Arrange lush ferns inside colorful planters next to your French doors. In addition, hang a ceiling fan on your porch to comfort guests on warmer days.

Your French doors bring nature indoors while enhancing the flow of your home when entertaining.  Combining the outdoor and indoor living areas enhances the French country style.

Freshen up with Flowers

Romance is an imperative part of the French country style, so freshen up your space with romantic floral arrangements.

A simple vase full of long-stem roses is perfect for an accent table. Or, choose a small arrangement containing miniature rose buds and ivy for your coffee table. Place a simple daisy in a vintage bottle and set on your fireplace mantle.

Fresh flowers will freshen up your living room with pops of color, hints of romance, and appealing aromas.

French country is a trendy option in décor that will stand the test of time. Using this guide will give you the inspiration to create a French country living room.