2 Things You Need To Fix On Your Roof Before The Holiday Season Arrives

17 October 2014
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If you want to make your home safer this holiday season, be sure to repair any damages to your roof, including holes and ice dams. An unsafe roof with multiple holes and thick ice dams can create many problems for your family this season. These problems include mold growth in your attic and stains on your ceilings. Here are two things you need to look out for and fix before the holiday season arrives.

Fix the Holes in Your Roof

Spring's rain, summer's heat, and fall's changing weather patterns may create holes in your roof before winter arrives. The holes may allow moisture to penetrate the protective coating on your roof's foundation and travel into the attic. The foundation in the attic may also decay from wetness, which later spreads to your home's ceilings.

You can look for several signs that may indicate that your roof has holes. For example:

  • Mold growth in the attic: If you notice black or green mold on the walls of your attic, you may have holes in the roof that allow moisture and humidity to enter the attic. The mold can also grow on the attic's flooring.
  • Dark spots or stains form on your ceilings: As moisture soaks through the attic's flooring, it can form dark spots or stains on the ceilings below it. 
  • Drafts enter in the home: Some holes in the roof can be large enough to allow drafts of cold air into the attic. The cold air may seep through the vents of your cooling and heating vents, as well as through any cracks around your plumbing pipes and floorboards.

If you contact your roofing specialists and repair the holes now, you may prevent all of the problems above. The roofers will most likely inspect your entire roof, the attic and your ceiling for damages. Once they find them, the contractors will remove the rotten and wet foundation before adding a new layer of asphalt, sealant and shingles to the roof.

To repair the attic, the contractors may clear away any foundation that contains mold and stains. Mold spores can travel through the air vents inside the attic to the kitchen, bathroom and other areas that have moisture or water. The mold can grow on the walls, sinks and cabinets of these places as well.

After the contractors fix your roof's damage, you can make your roof safer for the holidays by doing one more thing. You can check for ice dams.

Break the Ice on Those Dams

If your home has a sloped roof, you may be at risk for developing ice dams. Although the water from melted ice generally slides off of a sloped roof to the ground around your home, it can freeze on the roof's surface if you have poor insulation in your roof or attic.

A poorly insulated roof or attic may have holes in the inner layer beneath the shingles and sealant. This allows heat from inside the home to escape into the air instead of spread throughout roof's foundation.

Once the ice on your roof melts under the sun, it turns into water, runs down the roof and fills up the gutters around the home. If the temperature outdoors drops to 20° Fahrenheit or below, the water on the sloped roof freezes solid.

If you have ice dams on your roof, you may look for a number of signs like these below:

  • Icicles hanging from the roof: Long, thick icicles hanging from the edge of the roof may indicate that you have large ice dams on your roof. Large dams may contain a lot of water, which freezes as it runs down the roof.
  • Large piles of snow: Snow may pile up and cover the dams until you can't see or find the them.
  • Water leaks in the attic: If water overflows from large ice dams into the layer beneath the roof's shingles, the attic can develop leaks that damage the flooring and ceilings below it.

If the ice dams are small, you can remove them yourself by using a roof rake. The rake comes in different styles but most have sharp blades that scrape away hard ice and piles of snow. The long handle prevents the need for you to climb a ladder in order to remove the dams.

However, if the ice dams appear too high up on your roof, it's best to contact your roofing specialists to remove the ice dams for you. Ice dams can cause injuries to your head, face and body if they fall on you.

Making your roof safe for the holiday season isn't hard to do when you know exactly what to look for. If you need professional services to fix your roof or to remove the ice dams around your home, contact a roofing company like Acoma Roofing.