3 Ways To Naturally Rid Your Heating System Of Dust Mites

21 October 2014
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Dust mites love warm, moist environments. That is one reason why they love to snuggle with you in bed, as well as why they take up residence in your heating system. If you suffer from allergy symptoms because of them, use the tips below for naturally getting dust mites out of your furnace and duct work.

Replace Your Filter Twice A Month

Every time you make your bed or sit on your sofa, the dust mites and their byproducts are scattered into the air. When your furnace is running, they then travel through the cold air return where many of them land in the filter.

Especially if you have a moderate to severe allergy to the tiny insects, you may want to change your heater's filter twice a month for the first three months after starting the treatments below. Then, you can replace it once a month as long as your symptoms keep improving.

When selecting a filter, you should consider using one with the highest filtration rate. This will help keep most of the mites from passing through the fibers and out into your ductwork and air.

Sprinkle Eucalyptus Oil On Your Filter

Every time you replace your filter, sprinkle some eucalyptus oil on it. The oil acts as a natural pesticide against dust mites. The aroma also circulates in your air. While the smell may be pleasing to you, its acts as a deterrent because the mites cannot tolerate it. 

Eucalyptus oil can be found in health food stores, pharmacies, and many grocery stores. If you find the odor a bit too strong, you can cut it with a couple drops of water.

After you sprinkle the entire filter on both sides, let it air dry for 30 minutes before putting it in your heater. This will keep the moisture from clumping up the dust and dirt as they pass through it

Wipe Your Air Ducts With A Homemade Treatment

When you wipe your vents and ducts with this homemade treatment, it will kill any dust mites that become attached to the sides. It will also dissolve any byproducts that are the main causes of your allergy symptoms.

The treatment uses eucalyptus oil as described above. It also uses peppermint oil that will serve the same purposes as the eucalyptus, but it adds to the potency of the mixture.

White distilled vinegar and baking soda are used because they will dry out the mites and kill them. The two ingredients will also dissolve and clean away any waste products that are stuck inside the ducts.

First, turn off your furnace to keep it from blowing on you while you are working. Using a brush attachment, vacuum the ducts as far down as you can reach. When you are finished, remove the bag and tie it up in a plastic bag. Then, throw it away along with any dust mites it captured.

In a small bucket, mix together three cups of vinegar, a cup of warm water, a cup of baking soda, and 20 drops each of the oils. Soak a sponge or cotton rag in the solution, then wipe the insides of the ducts. Be careful to avoid any screws or metal sticking out that could cut you.

Do not rinse the ducts when you are finished. You want the residue to remain so that it will continue to work until the next application.

After using the above treatments twice a month, you should see improvement in your symptoms and the overall air quality of your home. If you find that you do not have any relief or want to have your furnace tested for mites, you may want to call a professional heating service. They can inspect your entire system and recommend several options that will help you.