How To Decorate Picture Windows For Halloween

21 October 2014
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When upgrading the windows in your home, one of the options you have is the installation of a large picture window from companies like New Jersey Siding & Windows Inc. A picture window offers a whole canvas of decorating possibilities, especially on holidays like Halloween.

After a picture window replacement is complete, you can easily transform the view into some eerie and fun Halloween decorations.

Halloween Shadow Effects

Turn a large picture window installation into a theater that can display shadow puppets and designs.

Hang a large white sheet in front of the picture window. For the best effect, the window should be completely covered by the blanket. Alternative lighter colors like yellow or light blue can also work in creating the shadows.

Point a lamp directly at the sheet. Place the lamp at least 10 feet away from the sheet so the light is spread out far enough.

Set up Halloween props between the light and blanket. Position them to create a variety of scenes. For example, you can set a monster mask over a coat rack to create a tall looking monster. Large stuffed animals work well as extra characters to feature in the scenes.

On Halloween night, guests can view the scenes and see all the different ideas you come up with.

Halloween Village

New windows are great to decorate with clings and gels, but a picture window increases the canvas size. The larger canvas allows you to create a whole Halloween village with designs and stories.

As a precaution, consult the construction company that installed your replacement windows. Ensure that the window is safe for the possible residue that can get leftover from gel clings.

Purchase and choose clings to help set up a Halloween village. This includes homes, haunted houses, and other creepy Halloween elements like a cemetery.

Set up the different sections of the village. For example, you can have a whole vampire family or werewolf family. Work with children to help set up different areas that they will enjoy.

Each day, you can move different parts of the Halloween village to create scenes and fun stories. Introducing new clings each day can help expand the village. Have children come with a small story as the clings are placed on. This can help expand the design and create a new holiday tradition.

Halloween Curtains & Accessories

Add some privacy and festive decorations to your windows. It's easy to mix Halloween decorations with traditional curtains.

Place fake spider webbing over dark colored curtains. This helps the webbing stand out and adds an eerie feeling to the room.

Add a Halloween beaded curtain to the window finishing. You can purchase full sets of the beaded curtains, or easily create your own using a collection of Halloween beads and accessories.

Apply glow paint to a set of old curtains. Paint on Halloween designs like skulls, spiders, and monsters. When the room is dark, the designs will glow and add a festive feeling to the room.

Attach fake Halloween props to the curtains. For example, you can use double-sided tape to attach fake fingers and plastic rats all over a curtain. When adding props to the curtains, ensure that you are using light-weight props so the curtain does not get weighed down too much.

Once you create a curtain design, you can fold them up and save them to use for numerous years.

Halloween TV Projections

Make your living room look like a real life horror movie. By placing an HDTV right in front of a window, you can display Halloween-themed videos. Several companies create digital decorations. This includes a looping DVD that plays horror scenes and makes them look like they are actually occurring in your home.

Various themes for these scenes include ghosts, serial killers, bugs, and mad scientists. Sound can even play from the scenes so people visiting the home can hear everything that the scenes showcase. This type of display is ideal for a picture window installation as the whole scene can easily be seen from a long distance.

Always take precautions when decorating windows. It's important to check your warranty for any accidental damage caused by decorations or foreign objects.