7 Ways To Prep Your Garage For A Sale - Yes, Your Garage

28 October 2014
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Making a good first impression when putting your home on the market is crucial to a quick sale for top dollar. If your home appears run-down or unkempt in any way, buyers will get turned off and look elsewhere. Worse yet, they will interpret your less than stellar curb appeal as a distressed situation or assume that your home is a 'fixer upper.' Having people write low ball offers is never the goal in real estate. Your home needs to look as good as it can possibly look before you list with a Realtor, including your garage

While your garage is just used to house your car and miscellaneous stuff, it still needs to look pristine. People judge the stacks of boxes, oil stains, and broken garage door openers and often assume that other, less noticeable items in your home need repair as well. 

1. Dents: The exterior of your garage door should be free from dents. It may not seem like an issue to you, but buyers do not want to buy something that is beat up and in disrepair. If you have to, buy a new garage door.

2. Garage Door Springs: If your garage door opener is not functioning well, get the springs repaired. Many buyers push the garage door opener button upon entering your garage to check if it works. If it doesn't, they wonder what else you have to hide. Get it fixed before you list your home so that no one refers to your house as "the one with the broken garage."

3. Boxes: Purging and packing is all part of preparing your home for a sale, and always a good idea. There is no need to move items that you do not even use to the next house. You should never, however, store those packed boxes in the garage, basement, or back bedroom. People automatically assume that they are viewing a distressed sale and that you 'have' to move. Quite often, they will throw out insultingly low offers to see how desperate you are. 

4. Oil Stains: Take the time to empty out your garage and power wash it. Any stains from oil, dirt, or paint should come up with a proper cleaning. If you have stubborn stains, you can apply a coat or two of epoxy. Hardware stores sell epoxy kits designed to use on garage floors. It makes the space look nice for minimal investment. 

5. Bikes: If at all possible, get the bikes up and out of the way. If buyers are frustrated with bicycles blocking their path, chances are they will assume your garage is simply not big enough for their needs. Storage systems and hooks can be purchased at any home improvement super store that allow you to hang bikes from the ceiling, clearing up plenty of floor space for walking.

6. Overcrowding: Remove all the excess items from your garage. Purge what you do not need and pack up the rest. Rent a short term storage unit to hold it all until your move. When buyers walk in your garage --and they will-- let them have plenty of room to walk around and examine the space. 

7. Large Vehicles: Sometimes those extended cab trucks and oversize SUVs can dwarf the average garage. If you have an extra large vehicle and have the option of parking outside or in a neighbor's driveway for showings, do it. While your garage may be of sufficient size, there is no reason to give buyers any reason to question it.

A clean, well-maintained, and organized garage is one step towards getting your house sold quickly and for the best price possible. Click here to investigate more.