3 Great Spa Features You Will Love

29 October 2014
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Are you looking for a great way to spoil yourself? Although the purchase of a new spa might seem like an opulent luxury, the fact of the matter is that spas can offer you an excellent way to kick back and relax at the end of a tough workday. In fact, relaxation has been found to offer many health benefits including lowering your blood pressure, improving concentration, and even increasing blood flow to your major muscles. If you think that a spa sounds like something that could make your life better, make sure to ask about these three great spa features that you will love.

1: Customizable Jet Paks

One thing that most people don't realize about spas is how customizable they are. Believe it or not, you can work with many spa manufacturers to design a spa system with jet paks that target your trouble spots. Here are a few different types of jet paks that you can select to make your spa as comfortable and healing as possible.

  • Lumbar: Nothing is more frustrating than an achy lower back. In addition to being painful when you sit or stand, those muscles can be hard to massage. Fortunately, there are spa jet packs that are especially made to gently knead and pulse the lumbar portion of your back, so that you can start feeling better in no time.
  • Neck: It isn't always easy to ask your spouse for a nice neck massage, but with a neck jet pack in your spa, you might not have to. Neck jet packs send out streams of water that flow over your neck and upper back muscles to soothe the area in no time.
  • Stress Relief: There are even jet packs designed to target the areas of your body where you tend to hold stress. These jet packs usually offer a deep massage to the mid-range areas of your back, which can tighten during a long day. 

Some spas actually allow the user to easy switch out jet paks whenever they wish. This means that if you prefer a stress relief massage after a tough game but your partner loves a nice lumbar massage, you can easily pop out and replace the jet paks in a few seconds whenever you need to.  

2: Audio System

What could be more relaxing than pulsating streams of water gently massaging your sore muscles or tight neck? To make your experience even more unbelievable, many spas come with waterproof sound systems that allow you to listen to your favorite music while you undergo your daily post-work hydrotherapy session.

These systems vary from spa to spa, but many versions allow the user to plug in any of their favorite music-playing devices. If you are worried about water messing up your favorite electronics, you shouldn't be. Many spas contain water-free storage areas for your cell phone, mp3 player, or Bluetooth device to keep your items safe while you enjoy your favorite tunes.  

In addition to the in-spa speakers that allow you to listen to your music while you lounge, some systems also include outward-facing speakers that will fill your entire yard with your favorite jams. This feature will make it easy to set the stage for a romantic evening with your spouse, or help you to set the scene for an incredible bash with your friends.   

3: Cloud Control

As your long shift wraps up, you might look forward to getting home and hopping into your hot tub. Unfortunately, many people find that it can be frustrating to wait for their water to warm up after they get home.

If you don't want to deal with the water-waiting game, you should see about getting a system with cloud control capabilities. These types of computerized spas will allow you to control your spa right from your cell phone, so that your water will be warm and bubbly the second you get home from work.  

Being familiar with and learning more information about some of the best spa features might help you to design a system that you will love forever, so that you can get the most out of your investment.