Learn about the Different Screens You Can Use with Construction Fencing

14 April 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles


Chain link construction fencing can serve many purposes when placed around a construction site. The primary purpose is to keep unauthorized people from entering your construction site. This can prevent injuries and theft. However, the benefits and purposes of a construction fence can be increased by placing fence screens over it. If you have never heard of  these screens, learning about them can help you decide if they are ideal to use with your fencing. Here are a few of the different screen types you can use with construction fencing and their benefits.

Dirt Control Screens

Dirt control screens, also referred to as windscreens, are designed to be placed around the exterior of a chain link fence. While a dirt control screen does offer some level of privacy, that is not its primary purpose. This type of screen is primarily used around construction sites where large amounts of dirt and dust may shift if the wind blows. When construction crews are working in populated areas, building regulations may require your construction company to take action to prevent dirt and dust from blowing. Watering the dirt and using dirt control screens are two ways this can be done. The reasons this is required are that dirt and dust can be harmful to people walking by as it circulates in the air and that it can settle atop cars and homes in the area, making a mess for residents. If you are worried about dirt and dust on your construction site, dirt control screens may be ideal.

Privacy Screen

Another type of screen that can be used with chain link construction fencing is a privacy screen. When spread out over the exterior of the fence, the screen helps to disguise the ugly chain link fence while preventing peeping eyes from glancing at the construction site. Some construction companies want to keep their projects under wraps. This screen can help accomplish that. Other construction companies want to minimize employees from becoming distracted by talking to people on the other side of the fence. Taking away the ability for your construction crew to interact face to face with those on the other side of the fence can increase productivity. Last, some counties or cities may deem a construction site an eyesore. Using a privacy screen helps keep city leaders happy while ensuring your company is doing its part to beautify the city.

Custom Printed Screen

The last type of screen that you can use in conjunction with your construction fencing is a custom printed screen. Both dirt control screens and privacy screens can be custom printed. Custom printed screens offer one additional benefit that other screens don't offer: they can be used as a billboard of sorts, allowing you to advertise on them. You can advertise the name of your construction site, advertise the name of the business you're constructing, or display a picture of what the completed construction site will look like. Either way, a chain link fence around a construction site takes up a lot of room and often catches the eyes of people walking or driving by. Using this space to advertise can be profitable and wise.

If you are putting up a construction fence around your job site, you may want to think about using a screen in conjunction with the fence. However, not all construction screens are the same. Some screens will control dust that may attempt to leave the job site, some will offer your construction site privacy, and others can be used to advertise your company or the project you are constructing. Learning about these different screen types will help you decide if you should use one of these at your job site and which type. Contact a fencing representative who can help you make the right choice through a website like http://rent-a-fence.com/.