5 Kitchen Cabinets That Should Have Custom Pull-Outs

4 October 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles


When you are working with your contractor to design your dream kitchen, the success of your project depends on your level of detail. While it is important to consider the overall shape and style of your kitchen, including what style of counters or cabinets you want, choosing accessories that work with your kitchen use and make your life easier will help you appreciate your kitchen for years to come. Custom accessories vary from extra sinks or pot racks to specialized drawers. Below are five areas where you should consider adding custom pull-outs to make your cabinets more user friendly. 

Under the Sink

Often, the area beneath your sink becomes a dead area in your kitchen. While it is somewhat common to keep cleaning supplies or a small trash can under the sink, the usable space is often reduced due to the plumbing under the sink. The plumbing makes it difficult to reach around and grab the products you want. If you install a shallow sliding drawer at the bottom of your sink cabinet, you can utilize all of the space beneath your plumbing and access your items without worrying about your plumbing. 

For the Garbage Can 

Many families appreciate a hidden garbage can. Keeping your garbage can in a cabinet not only keeps it out of sight, but also protects it from curious toddlers or pets who may tip it over or rummage through it. However, putting trash into a garbage can in a cabinet can be awkward and if you have food scrappings, they may end up falling into your cabinet. Putting your garbage can on a pull-out shelf will allow you easier access to the garbage can and make it easier to clean spills around the can. 

As a bonus, you may consider adding a pull-out cutting board above your garbage can with a hole that allows you to throw scraps into the garbage can as you prepare your food. 

Utensils Drawer 

There are many after-market utensil organizers available that will fit into most drawers. However, a custom utensil drawer will allow you to maximize your space and keep your utensils organized. You may want to consider a deep drawer to store your utensils upright or you may want a set of pull-out metal baskets that will allow air to circulate around your utensils and let you pull out only the specific utensils you are planning to use at the moment. 

Baking Sheets and Pan Storage 

One complaint many people have regarding kitchen storage is that it is difficult to access items that you do not use all of the time, such as baking trays and pans. A growing trend is to add separations to a cabinet that will allow you to access one tray without disturbing those around it. Combining these vertical separations with a pull-out shelf will allow you to maximize the space in each cabinet while allowing you to easily see and reach your trays and pans.  

Spice Racks

While some people prefer to have their spice racks visible, the hidden spice rack is becoming more popular. However, storing your spices in an ordinary cabinet can lead to you forgetting which spices you have and making it difficult to organize and see your spices. If you create a pull-out spice rack near your stove, you will be able to line your spices up in rows, making labels easily visible without wasting precious cabinet space. 

It is important for you to discuss the minor details of your kitchen accessories before your contractor begins construction. This will allow you design a functional, beautiful kitchen while cutting down on change orders and extra cost. For more info, contact a company like Central Plumbing Specialties.