Residents of Georgia: Here Are Your New Windows

1 December 2016
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If you live in Georgia, you may have been a recent victim of the 21 tornadoes that touched down. Hopefully, you had impact windows and hurricane-resistant doors that helped keep your family safe. If you just evacuated, you may be returning to total devastation. However you fared, your next step is to salvage what you can and rebuild. Here is how impact windows and hurricane-resistant doors can help reduce or prevent future losses.

Rebuild with Brick

If you can, and if your property insurance provides you with enough, consider rebuilding with brick. It takes a beating from tornadoes better than a trailer home or wood house can. Your contractor can also reinforce the brick with steel rebar, strengthening the brick so that tornadoes like the recent ones really have to hit your home hard to do any damage.

Use Impact Windows

Most standard home windows are not designed to take the kinds of beatings and damage that even a Level 1 or Level 2 tornado delivers. When you choose to use impact windows in your new home's construction, you are making sure that tornadoes up to Level 3 or 4 cannot damage them. (Level 5 and above tornadoes rarely occur, and there is no home construction product that can stop them anyway.) With your windows shut, locked, and sealed, the pressure inside your home does not change either.

Use Hurricane-Resistant Doors

Hurricanes and tornadoes share one major aspect-wind. The powerful winds experienced in these two types of natural disasters equally pummel homes and push through whatever weak spots they can find. Do not build your new home up to be the strongest it can be and then install doors that cannot withstand these forces. Use hurricane-resistant doors, which have been proven to save homes in the Gulf and around the Florida panhandle from the intense winds produced by hurricanes. When used in conjunction with impact windows and reinforced brick, you can construct a home that is stronger and more airtight than any home you have probably ever lived in before.

Ask Your Contractor for More Ideas

As you begin to rebuild your home, be sure to ask contractors about other ideas to make your home impervious to tornadoes. You can also consult with a structural engineer about your recent losses and see if he/she has some ideas. Architects are another resource for making new homes as strong and as durable as they can be. Check out for more information.