Keeping Your Home Cool By Checking For Leaks

1 March 2017
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Keeping your house cool is important for staying comfortable during the summer months. This means you will need to monitor for any leaks or low fluid in your refrigeration system. This used to only be able to be done by contacting a repair shop. However, there are now leak detection methods that include instruments to help you discover yourself if there is a leak in your system.

Using Leak Detectors

There are a variety of leak detectors on the market. They originally checked for leaks through the use of high voltage corona in a sensory tip of the instruments. The instrument sounds a beeping alarm to let you know if there was refrigerant where it was not supposed to be. Newer models of detectors use a digital method that heats the liquid and tests for any positively charged fluorine or chlorine ions. It is possible for false alarms to go off, even though it is becoming less common. The higher the quality of the device, the less likely there will be a false alarm. This is where contacting a repair serviceman is beneficial to double check to make sure you have an actual leak.

Looking Directly for Leaks

You do not always need a leak detector to see if you have a leak in your refrigeration system. You can use the bubble method by looking at the tubes under water to see if any bubbles form. This is not as easy as you have to take your cooling system apart to look. In addition to the bubble test, you can use a dye kit that will shoot through your system and glow under a UV light. This method does not have any false positives because you will visibly be able to see if there is any light showing. However, you can end with a false negative because there can be leaks where it is not easily seen with a light or be too small to create much of a glow.

Whether you use visible methods or leak detectors, you want to make sure you have your refrigeration system checked regularly. Small leaks can quickly become large ones, and if you cannot spot it with either of the tests and leave it, then you will have a bigger problem before you know it. When you talk to a serviceman, find out what your regularly scheduled maintenance should be. However, definitely have them check your system before the temperature begins to warm up. The rates are generally cheaper in the off season, so it is an added benefit to your household to do it now.

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