2 Ways To Pick The Right Color To Paint Your Rooms

24 March 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you want to change or update the look of your home, one easy way to do it is to paint the rooms. There are different ways that you can choose the colors that you want to use for your various rooms. 

Color Theory

Color theory refers to mixing colors to get a particular shade or finding colors that give a particular visual effect. There are ways to do this. One is to use a color wheel. Color wheels are made up of several circles that are different sizes that are put together from largest to smallest. There is a connection in the center that will let each of the circles spin. Each of those circles has colors along the outside. One will be primary colors, another will be secondary colors, and a third will be tertiary colors. You can spin each of those circles to see how various colors work together. So, if you have a couch that has colors that you really like and you want to use that as a base for your new color scheme, you can find that color on the color wheel and spin it around until you find colors that will compliment or contrast with the color you like in a way that you like. 

Try Samples

Another way that you can find the right new color for your rooms is to take advantage of samples. Many paint companies offer small cans of paint that are either a particular color or can be tinted to a particular color. You can buy some of those samples and then paint them on your walls. You can do that by penciling in squares on your wall. You don't want the squares to be right next to each other because you want to get the real effect of the colors. Then you paint inside each square, making sure that you keep track of the name of the color, either by writing it under the square or numbering it and creating a key. Then you can live with those squares for a few days to see which color makes you happy and which color seems to work in your room the best. Once you have decided what color works best, you can arrange for painters to come in and paint your room for you. 

If you want to update your house, painting is an easy way to do it. Picking the right color can be difficult, but it can be done. Visit a site like http://www.jmaintenanceco.com for more help.