4 Family-Friendly Outdoor Water Structures For Your Beach House

10 May 2017
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If your family owns a beach house in a warm climate or simply a house on a lake, you know there are a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy together. The sun and water (and even sand) combine to give you unlimited choices in how you spend your family time. If you would like to increase both the fun factor and the value of your home, consider investing in a few outdoor water structures. These can be installed anywhere on your property, including a rooftop patio deck.  All that's required is a water source to connect the plumbing and, in some cases, a drain system — and your imagination.

Outdoor Shower

After spending a day on the water or splashing in your swimming pool, have a quick wash in your outdoor shower. This is not like the public swimming pool's communal shower head. Depending on the type of shower head and shower flooring and surround you choose, you can create the perfect shower atmosphere. Want a spa feel? Include multiple shower heads and teak flooring. Want to recreate the islands? Try an over-sized rainfall shower head, a pebbly floor, and bamboo privacy walls. Outdoor showers can be free-standing or mounted on a wall, post, or even a tree. This shower can be situated near the rear of your home and designed to be completely open or semi-private.

Pedestal Foot Shower

Don't want a full-size shower? Instead, put in a pedestal foot shower just like the foot showers located at busy beaches except this one is all for your own private use. After strolling, playing, or rolling along the beach, simply return to your yard and rinse the sand and water off your feet and legs. No more tracking sand and mud into your house. Most models are sensitive to a fairly light amount of pressure, making them easy for children, elderly, and disabled family members and guests to use. Showers come with one or multiple spray heads for many people to use at the same time.

Water Play Tower

Don't have time to go down to the actual water front? Let them run and splash under your water play tower in your yard instead where they can stay cool in a zero-depth environment. Water play towers can be set up in sand, grass, or concrete. With a push button start and metered valve, you don't need to worry about wasting water. Plus, the button is low enough for small children to reach. You can choose from classic umbrella style towers, candy cane style downward spray, or a pedestal fountain spray. Some styles include 2 in-ground spray features in addition to the main tower, increasing the spray fun right in your own yard.

Misting Tower

Getting ready for a steaming hot pool party? Unfortunately, the summer sun can really heat up your outdoor patio area. With a misting tower, guests can bask in the cooling mist while the burgers are grilling or the ice cream is freezing. If everyone is hot after a game of beach volleyball, head for the misting tower and cool down. Misting towers can lower the outside temperature up to 30 degrees, making it more enjoyable to spend time outdoors with friends and family. Like water play towers, misting towers also have a push button and metered valve to prevent wasted water.

These outdoor water features can all be drained and made ready for winter in case your house experiences cold temperatures. Think of these water features as not just an investment in your home, but an investment in your family. Once installed, your family will want to spend more time together outdoors enjoying the amenities that life on the beach has to offer. Talk with a plumbing services expert about how to incorporate such things on your property.