Tips For Maintaining A Safe Private Well

17 May 2017
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Everyone should be drinking lots of water each day (although official recommendations vary between experts for exactly how much you should drink), and unless you want lots of contaminants building up in your body and potentially making you ill, it's critical to drink the purest, cleanest water available. If you own a private well, that means the burden of responsibility is on you to be aware of what's in your well water and deal with any potential health threats. Here are some tips for keeping your well water safe if you drink from a private well.

Test your well water

Spring or early summer can be a good time to have well water tested because a rainy spring can wash contaminants into your well that may not be there at any other time of year. Of course, washing contaminants into your well isn't a good thing, but you do want to know if it's happening, right? This allows you to tell whether your aquifer is safe during even the rainiest times of year or not.

Professional inspections

Checking your well pump over for signs of damage regularly is a good plan, but you should also have it inspected by a professional. Washers can go bad and need replacing, and leaks can lead to contamination of your well (which can lead to costly well treatments or even needing a new well altogether). A professional can assure you that your well pump is in good shape and ready to deliver water to your family daily for the upcoming year.

Monitor the area for sources of contamination

Keeping your well far away from possible sources of contamination is important, but sometimes you have no control over whether or not there are contaminants in the area. For example, if there's a road nearby, it could be sprayed with weedkillers and spread with ice regularly depending on the time of year. If sources of contamination come too close to your well, you may wish to have it tested again just in case.

These simple steps will help you ensure continued supplies of safe water for your family year after year from your very own well. Many families find that they love how their well water tastes, and if yours doesn't taste good you may wish to have it analyzed for any impurities. It could be that your water simply contains harmless minerals, which you can filter out using a point-of-use filter or a water softener.

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