Prepare For Hurricane Season With Better Windows And Shutters

4 July 2017
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As hurricane season nears, is your home ready for high winds and dangerous projectiles? If that's not at the top of your priorities, are you ready for better insurance premiums, resale value, or better home decoration choices? Storm windows, shutters, and other accessories provide a lot of benefits that go beyond protecting against that flying 2x4 or cow, and a few details about windows upgrades (the housing kind, not the Microsoft kind) can keep you safe and financially efficient.

Lifesaving Comes First

Before digging into the more immediate financial and decor issues, it's important to know how storm windows and shutters protect your home. It's true, there's only a chance that your home will be pelted with projectiles during hurricane and/or tornado storms, but that's still a life-threatening problem with expensive cleanups even if everyone survives.

Even worse if your hurricanes spawn tornadoes.

Storm windows are also known as impact windows. They're rated to take a hit from many common types of projectiles moving not only at hurricane wind speeds, but at angles that are most likely to break through windows and continue through the home. 

You have to be careful when choosing such windows, since there are few regulations based on strength testing and storm protection claims. There are even some regulations in states like Florida that change even the reliable, well-known brands with no other choices legally on the market.

You may want to look at a few brands and be in-person for a demonstration, or get a warranty from the window dealer.

Alright, What About The Money?

Any window addition will cost money, but if you live in an area prone to storms, that will save money and even bring more money in. 

Insurance is the first savings area. The costs of impact windows being installed can be recouped as your insurance premium decreases for the same amount of coverage, but it's best to confirm the window brand with the insurance company first. They usually have to inspect the windows, or at least have the window brand in their database of acceptable improvements to go ahead with the insurance discount.

Resale value is also a huge perk. It's not a guarantee, but listing impact windows as a feature is a great haggling point. Not all homes opt for the feature, especially if the designers or current owners wanted to go for a purely cosmetic window design. You can make your home a more genuine and thoughtful option by pointing out how your home is both safer from hurricanes than other homes and decor-savvy.

Contact a window installation professional, like Robert G Miller,  to discuss other additions for your home's safety, security, decor, and profitability.