Own An Older Home? Why You Should Think About Replacing The Siding

27 September 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


The saying is true:  Your home is truly your castle. It's the place where you're able to let your hair down and fully relax, away from the stresses and pressures that can so often accompany everyday life. However, if you live in an older home, you could find that the castle walls are starting to reveal some cracks. The siding that covers the exterior walls in your home might have aged quite a bit, causing them to appear weathered and worn. It's at this point that it's time to think about having your siding replaced. Once you're able to weigh the benefits of siding replacement you'll see why it's the right choice for your home.

New Siding Could Uncover Hidden Structural Damage

When it comes to some older homes, the siding can almost be compared to putting on cologne or perfume after coming from the gym. The scent is designed to cover up the fact that you didn't have a chance to take a shower. It's often a gesture that doesn't really work.

That's what it's like when you have an older home that still has the original siding. There could be structural damage just under the surface of the siding that you are unaware of. For example, termites could have done a number on your foundation, ripped or torn siding could have allowed rainwater to seep through the cracks and cause damage and a host of other issues. As long as your siding appears to be reasonably intact, it's quite easy to believe that everything is okay. The reality could be much different.

When you decide to get new siding the old siding will be ripped away. This reveals the contents of the foundation of your home so you can find out if there's actually more work that needs to be done.

New Siding Could Aid Your Energy Efficiency

Along with boosting your curb appeal, siding is designed to keep as much of your indoor air inside of the house as possible. Updating your siding means that you'll have better coverage. The investment that you make in having the new siding installed could end up being some of the best money you've ever spent!

No matter what your personal taste may be there's bound to be a siding material that speaks to you. Set up a consultation with a siding contractor, such as from Side-Pro, Inc., so you can see what options are available now.