Going Green: Three Ways To Recycle Construction Materials

28 September 2018
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When operating a construction company, you may find that you end up with a lot of recyclable materials at the end of each job. This is particularly true if you are doing demolition work. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can reuse or recycle these materials to have a better impact on the environment. Here are just a few options to consider for your business.

Host a Salvage Sale

If you have materials that can be reused by consumers, consider having a salvage sale. Pile concrete blocks, wood flooring, leftover lumber, and other materials that can be used for home improvement jobs throughout your parking lot or in a warehouse, and advertise the items for sale to the public. You can charge by the pound or simply charge a flat rate for each truckload taken away. If you have household items, such as old cabinets and bath vanities that can be refurbished, consider placing these for sale as well. Your salvage sale can be a great way to introduce your business to the community and provide a convenient service. You might even want to have some of your craftsmen demonstrate how to use or refurbish the salvaged goods.

Reclaim Materials

In some cases, you can reclaim some of the materials you discard during demo or construction projects. For example, old wood flooring can be refinished and added to new construction projects to create a vintage or industrial look. You may find that the cost to refurbish your old materials is lower than purchasing reclaimed lumber, and you can pass that savings on to your customers. If this sounds like an option for your company, keep an eye out for materials you want to save during demo projects so they can be set aside.

Rent Recycling Dumpsters

You'll likely need to rent at least one dumpster for your construction projects, but renting a separate recycling dumpster from a company like Ware Disposal can help ensure that your materials don't end up in a landfill. Call your dumpster rental company to discuss which types of materials will go in your recycling dumpster. You may also need to schedule a separate pickup for these items, as your recycling dumpster may get filled at a different rate than your trash dumpsters.

If you are serious about recycling, don't forget to advertise that on your company website. Some consumers may be more willing to work with a company that tries to minimize its impact on the environment, and this can potentially lead to more business for you.