3 Benefits Of Field Repairs Of Transformers

5 November 2018
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When a transformer needs to be repaired, there is the option to take it in to have it repaired at a shop. There is also the possibility of just having your transformer replaced. However, when it's possible, another option is having it repaired "in the field", or wherever you might be currently using it. Field repairs of transformers are handy in a number of scenarios and for various reasons, including the three benefits that have been compiled below:

1. Avoid Further Damage to the Transformer 

For one thing, if you have to transport your transformer to a shop to have it repaired, there is the risk that it will be damaged even worse while you're moving it. If you have it worked on in the field, though, you don't have to worry about the possibility of damaging it while transporting it to be repaired. This will help you prevent the repair issues from getting even worse.

2. Avoid Having to Make Arrangements for Transport

Next, there is the hassle that goes along with making arrangements for transport when moving your transformer. Depending on the size and type of transformer that you have, you may need big, heavy-duty equipment to get the transformer moved. In addition to requiring access to the right equipment to pick up and move your transformer, you also need a driver who is competent and able to operate the equipment; you'll also need a crew that can help with loading and unloading the transformer. Making arrangements for all of these things can be a challenge, but you can avoid having to make arrangements for transport of your transformer at all if you have someone come out and work on it in the field.

3. Get Your Transformer Back Up and Running Faster

The more time that has to be dedicated to moving your transformer back and forth from a repair shop, the longer you will have to go without using it. If you rely on your transformer for your work, this obviously poses a problem. If you want your transformer to be up and running as fast and possible, then using a field repair service will help you get it repaired and back in use very quickly.

Field repairs are often the best way of handling repair issues with transformers. Luckily, a lot of good transformer repair services offer field repair services that can help you in these ways and others.