Repairing Damage To Your Wooden Fence

24 December 2018
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Damage to any fence can be a problem, but wooden fences are often more fragile in some ways, and even a minor collision with the fence can do a lot of damage. Repairing the damage may require the help of a professional fence contractor, especially if you need to replace posts as well as fence rails or sections.

Assessing the Damage

Once you notice the damage to your fence, you need to determine how much of the fence needs to be repaired. The best idea is to have a fence contractor come out and look at the fence and give you an estimate to repair it. If you are going to do the work yourself, you will need to go to a home center and price the materials, but it is a good idea to make of list of all the damage, so you have something to go by when you are buying the materials you need.

Repairing the Damage

If your contractor is doing the work for you, they will come out and take the old section of fence down and replace all the damaged parts with new fencing and rails or fence sections. The contractor will match the wood and style of the fence with the old fence, so that it looks good, but the color of the wood may be slightly different as a result of aging or weathering. If you are going to do your own work, you will have to match the lumber and rebuild the fence in the same style as the original fence if you want it to match. 

Replacing the Entire Fence

In some cases, the damage to the fence may cover a large area or be so extensive that it makes more sense to replace the entire fence instead of repairing it. This is also an opportunity to replace the fence with a different style or type of fence if you want to. If the wooden fence is no longer doing the job you need it to, installing a chain link fence or a wrought iron fence might be better. Talk to your contractor about your options if you decide to replace the entire fence. 

Covering the Work with Insurance

Your homeowner's insurance may cover the repair or replacement of your fence, depending on the cause of the damage. Check with them before you do any repairs to the fence or start looking for a replacement. If the insurance company covers it, you will have to see if there are limitations on the amount of money or the type of fence that the insurance company will authorize.

For more information about wood fences or other types of fences, consult with a fencing contractor in your area today.