How To Deal With Commercial Recycling Needs

10 May 2019
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Commercial recycling is a concern that has to be dealt with on many construction and renovation projects. Metal recycling, in particular, is often seen as a chance to recoup some value from a job. These tasks, though, have to be handled the right way by a commercial recycling company that has the appropriate resources. Add these four items to your checklist when you're trying to find one to assist you.

Know the Regulations

Local, state, and federal rules all apply to how materials are handled at your site and after they leave. Before you sign up with a company to deal with your recycling needs, take the time to get in touch with your local code enforcement office. Inform them of the kind of project you're preparing for and ask them what issues you need to address during a job. This will ensure that you're more fully informed while looking for help, keeping you from just depending on a contractor to know the laws.

Separating Waste and Recycling

One of the biggest challenges in recycling is dealing with waste that's mixed in with reusable materials. Talk with the commercial recycling company about how they want materials sorted. You'll need at least two bins to separate waste materials from recyclable ones. There's a good chance you'll also need an additional pile for hazardous waste, especially if there are worrisome materials like asbestos coming out of a site.

It's a good idea to sit down with team members and explain to them how recycling will be handled. Provide them with physical examples of what goes into the recycling containers and what counts as waste. Encourage them to be discriminating and be prepared to coach folks who don't get the point.

Making Arrangements

It's a good idea to have some feel for the pace of the work that'll be performed. You don't want materials piling up, and the company you contract with doesn't really want to waste trips collecting loads. It's a good idea to ask about their availability to pick up loads if a bin gets filled. If they're not in a situation where they can make unscheduled visits, you want to know this in advance.


Depending on the rules for your location, there may be compliance requirements. Make sure to get receipts for every load and know the names of the haulers so you can document that your business is in full compliance with regulations.

Look online for websites like that talk about metal recycling and who can help you do it.