Packing Your Own Box For Shipping? Follow These Tips

30 December 2019
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Do you need to send a package across the country and will be doing the actual packing yourself? If so, it will help to know some tips on how to properly get your package ready for the mail.

Select A Good Box

Many people have extra boxes lying around their home from when they received a package in the mail, and many of these will do a great job for what you are trying to send. The trick is to make sure that you pick a box that is going to be the right size and hold up well in the mail. Ideally, the box should be slightly bigger than the contents of what you are going to send, since you will be charged based on the dimensions of the box. 

Remove All Old Shipping Labels

The box should also be free of any other shipping labels from its previous trips in the mail. Try to carefully peel off old shipping labels or attach the new ones right on top of the old ones. If there is a particular label or barcode that you are having trouble removing, just cover it up with a blank label or some tape so that it cannot cause confusion while in transit. The last thing you want is for a package to be lost in the mail because you did not remove an old shipping label.

Pack The Box Properly

There should be enough packing material surrounding the items you are sending so that they cannot easily move around in the box. This is how things end up getting broken while in transit. Packing material should cause things to be tightly packed without any gaps of air around them. If there is a gap, the box can easily become crushed if a heavy box is placed on top of it. 

Seal The Box Properly

It is worth getting actual packing tape to ensure that the box stays shut while it is in transit. Now is not the time to be cheap and use just any tape that you have laying around. For example, painter's tape may seem like it will work perfectly fine, but this type of tape is designed to be removed from a surface with ease. It's possible that using this tape will cause a box to open up while in transit, since many boxes are handled by special machines rather than actual people.

For more packaging tips, be sure to ask your shipping provider prior to dropping off your package.