Want To Fix Your Sidewalk? Find Out How To Eliminate Cracks And Uneven Concrete

27 January 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Is there something wrong with the sidewalk outside of your home? It may be cracked and uneven, which can put others at risk when they walk past your property. If you want to avoid potential personal injury lawsuits against you in the future for anyone who trips and gets hurt over the damaged concrete, you need to follow some helpful steps to fix it up and get the sidewalk to look good again.

Seal the Cracks

If you have some cracks in your sidewalk, you should clean them out to remove any debris that might be stuck inside of them, including pieces of glass, gum, leaves, and other items that can easily get trapped inside those cracks. Once you have removed the debris, you can use concrete filler. Squirt an even amount of the filler from the beginning of the crack to the very end. Use a brush to make sure that you are covering the crack completely. You may then wait for the concrete filler to dry before taking the next step.

Use a Sidewalk Grinder

When you have an area of the sidewalk that is uneven, you are going to need a sidewalk grinder. You have two options. You can rent a sidewalk grinder from a home improvement store or you can hire contractors to do this job. The purpose of grinding this specific area of the sidewalk is to break apart pieces of the concrete that are uneven and then remove them from the area. You do not want to leave uneven concrete outside your home because it is hazardous to pedestrians.

Pour Ready Mix Concrete on the Sidewalk

After you have removed those broken pieces of concrete from the sidewalk, you may then want to pour some of the ready mix concrete down. When pouring the concrete, you need to make sure you are adding enough to the sidewalk. You should measure the thickness of the concrete and make sure that it is at least four inches thick. You may then smooth the concrete out by using a steel trowel. Simply move the trowel from one side to the next to create a bump-free finish that looks flawless.

Does your sidewalk look uneven? Can you spot several cracks? If these are problems that you have, you should take care of them before they cause someone to fall and sustain some serious injuries. You can do the job yourself or hire contractors to do it. No matter which approach you take, you will need to have the cracks filled and sealed. You will also need to grind the uneven sidewalk and put down new concrete that is smooth and even.