Ideas For A Custom Home's Exterior

14 March 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


One of the many benefits that comes with having a custom home built for your family is being able to choose its exact design. When it comes to the home's exterior, you want it to have an appearance that you find most pleasing. Here are some of the types of custom home exteriors to think about before deciding on the one you want for your new home, as well as some other ideas.

A farmhouse exterior

If you've always dreamt of a home that had a charming country feel to it, then you may be dreaming of a home with a farmhouse design. This type of exterior will feature things like wooden shutters, wood siding, and expansive front porches enclosed with charming wooden railings. This type of home will offer you a cheerful appearance that would look just as great on a secluded farmhouse as it would a house in the middle of a city neighborhood.

A combination of looks that create a unique exterior

It's becoming more popular to mix a lot of exterior materials to create homes with unique looks. For example, you can have a home that has brick or stone for the bottom portion of the siding with vinyl for the upper portion of the siding. You can also top off this look with one type of roofing material for most of the roof and another roofing material for the area over the porch. This would help the porch area stand out, which would be great if you have your home designed in a way that features a fantastic porch area.

A wall of glass

If you are having your home built in an area with impressive views, then you might want to consider having one or more of your walls created out of expansive windows. When you open your blinds, you will have an unobstructed view of the area. This is a great choice for a home that is located in places like on the beachfront, on a lakefront, in the mountains, or somewhere else where you would like to see the view from inside the house. The wall of glass can be finished with glass that is so strong you wouldn't have to worry about someone breaking into your home by breaking it. Also, the glass can be so well insulated that you also wouldn't have to worry about concerns over being able to easily control the temperature inside of the house.