Chimney Inspection Guide To Help Find Leaks, Water Damage, And Hazards That Need Repairs

1 May 2020
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There are a lot of problems that can start with the chimney above your fireplace. Sometimes, these problems are minor leaks that need to be repaired before they cause damage, or they can be more serious structural problems and wear that need to be repaired. Therefore, you want to be able to quickly troubleshoot the problems with chimneys. The following chimney inspection guide will help you identify problems to have repairs done before they cause serious damage to your home.

Identifying The Problems With Leaks Around The Chimney That Can Cause Water Damage

The biggest problem with chimneys is the leaks that can develop around them. This is often due to poor watershed of the roof and worn flashing around the chimney. If leaks around your chimney are left unrepaired for too long, this can cause serious water damage problems, which is why you want to have these problems repaired as soon as you notice issues with water around the chimney or fireplace inside your home.

Structural Damage To The Chimney That Can Cause Serious Damage And Hazards In Your Home

Structural damage to chimneys can also cause leaks and water damage, as well as a problem with the fireplace and exhaust pipe. These problems are often due to the chimney coming loose from your home, which can be caused by storms or poor construction. These problems will require repairs to the fireplace, exhaust pipe, and the chimney structure that extends above the roof.

Worn Flue Exhaust Pipes In Chimneys That Need To Be Replaced To Prevent Hazards In Your Home

Another problem that you may have with your chimney is a worn exhaust flue pipe. This is common when you burn natural wood and can be worse with woods like pine that burn hotter and cause resins to buildup inside the exhaust pipe. These problems cause smoke and fire hazards and will require the flue pipe to be replaced to repair the problem and prevent hazards in your home.

Problems With Chimney Height And Design That Cause Hazards And Damage To Your Home

The height of your chimney can also be a problem, which you may not notice if you do not use the fireplace. The issue is when you use the fireplace, it can cause smoke and gases to not draft out of the chimney and come into your home. To repair this problem, the chimney and exhaust flue pipe will need to be extended to the correct height for gases to leave through the chimney as they should.

These are some of the problems that you will want to look for when inspecting your chimney for damage. If you need help with repairing problems, contact a chimney repair service.