Preparations To Install Foundation Forms For The Next Phase Of Construction

28 January 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Whether you are building a wood or steel structure, you need to start with a solid foundation. Before the foundation forms can be installed, though, there is a lot of site preparations you need to do. The following foundation form installation guide will help prepare your site for the next phase.

Excavations and Drainage Installation

The drainage of your foundation is also important. Therefore, excavations will be needed for good watershed design and drainage. The watershed elevations allow water to flow away from the foundation. The exterior walls will need to have a trench dug too. This trench should be lower than the height of the exterior walls. The drain tiles (perforated pipes) can be installed here on a bed of gravel.

Installing the Aggregate Gravel Base

The base of the foundation is very important. This is what will provide a solid footing for the foundation and allow moisture to drain beneath the structure. This should be a layer of gravel that is several inches thick. The drainage systems will also need additional gravel added after the forms have been installed. The gravel should cover the top of the drain tiles evenly.

Laying Down Plastic Moisture Barriers

The foundation needs to have a moisture barrier between the aggregate and concrete. This is a construction-grade plastic sheet that is laid on top of the aggregate. You will want to install this plastic before the steel reinforcements are added to the foundation. When you lay the plastic down, you can use a few heavy stones to weight it down until you are ready to pour the concrete.

Installing the Steel Bar Reinforcements

The foundation needs to have steel bar reinforcements for load-bearing points to support the structure. Before all the forms can be installed, reinforcement needs to be added to areas like concrete slabs. For foundation walls, the reinforcement bars will need to be added after the forms have been installed.

Foundation Form Installation and Pouring

The foundation forms need to be installed too. There are several options for the forms of the foundation. If the foundation walls are backfilled, the forms can be plain plates. There are also options for forms that have stamped patterns on them. These stamped forms give the foundation a finished look when they are removed. After the forms have been inspected, you will be ready to pour the concrete.

The preparation of the site will make the installation of foundation forms go smoothly. Contact a foundation form installation service to help get your project ready for its next phase.