Ways To Approach Commercial Rock Fall

26 March 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Sometimes, rocks on hills can fall and create problems for nearby commercial work sites. You don't want to just leave yourself or other workers exposed to these rocks because some are very big. Instead, you want to approach commercial rock fall in a couple of different ways.

Figure Out Which Sites Are at Risk

So that your rock fall measures are relevant around a commercial work site, you need to carefully examine which sites have a greater chance of receiving falling rocks. Give yourself time to analyze these details because it will really help you come up with the right rock fall prevention plans.

You should see areas that have accumulated rocks over time, and these high-traffic sites should certainly be a top priority. You can put hazardous cones near these identified areas, too, until you get the right protective measures in place to keep workers safe.

Avoid Working When Rock Fall Is an Active Problem

Some rock fall situations are very severe, meaning rocks fall all the time around a particular vicinity. Then there are times when it's not prevalent but still a possibility. If the former is true regarding your commercial work site, then you want to cease work activity for the time being.

Whether it's road work or building a structure, you don't want to be around active rock fall areas because that increases someone's likelihood of getting hit and significantly hurt. Only until rock fall measures have been set up should you continue working around these high-traffic areas where rocks are prone to falling.

Get Professionals Involved in Rock Fall Protection Measures

Once you are ready to put rock fall protective measures in place around a commercial work site, it's probably not a good idea to go at this process alone.

You'll get much better results if you allow professionals to help, whether it's suggesting what netting materials to use or how tall fences need to be to keep falling rocks from becoming a dangerous problem. They can also help you with installation, ensuring materials are set up in a way to where rocks will be less of a factor. 

Even though falling rocks may be a concern around your commercial work site, you can do something about them. That's through careful analysis, knowing when to resume working, and investing in the right protective measures. Do these things and your entire work crew will be in better shape when it comes to this hazard. 

Contact a commercial rock fall service near you to learn more.