Packing Your Own Box For Shipping? Follow These Tips

30 December 2019
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Do you need to send a package across the country and will be doing the actual packing yourself? If so, it will help to know some tips on how to properly get your package ready for the mail. Select A Good Box Many people have extra boxes lying around their home from when they received a package in the mail, and many of these will do a great job for what you are trying to send. Read More 

Three Things That Cause Damage To The Siding On Your Home And How To Fix It

11 June 2019
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Siding on a house protects your home from a lot of things, but you have to remember that siding is still a type of plastic, and it will not last forever. In fact, there are some things that will damage your siding and cause it to wear out sooner. Some are natural causes, and some are not so natural. Keep reading to learn more about these issues and how to deal with them. Read More 

Repairing Damage To Your Wooden Fence

24 December 2018
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Damage to any fence can be a problem, but wooden fences are often more fragile in some ways, and even a minor collision with the fence can do a lot of damage. Repairing the damage may require the help of a professional fence contractor, especially if you need to replace posts as well as fence rails or sections. Assessing the Damage Once you notice the damage to your fence, you need to determine how much of the fence needs to be repaired. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Field Repairs Of Transformers

5 November 2018
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When a transformer needs to be repaired, there is the option to take it in to have it repaired at a shop. There is also the possibility of just having your transformer replaced. However, when it's possible, another option is having it repaired "in the field", or wherever you might be currently using it. Field repairs of transformers are handy in a number of scenarios and for various reasons, including the three benefits that have been compiled below: Read More 

Going Green: Three Ways To Recycle Construction Materials

28 September 2018
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When operating a construction company, you may find that you end up with a lot of recyclable materials at the end of each job. This is particularly true if you are doing demolition work. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can reuse or recycle these materials to have a better impact on the environment. Here are just a few options to consider for your business. Host a Salvage Sale Read More