Residents of Georgia: Here Are Your New Windows

1 December 2016
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If you live in Georgia, you may have been a recent victim of the 21 tornadoes that touched down. Hopefully, you had impact windows and hurricane-resistant doors that helped keep your family safe. If you just evacuated, you may be returning to total devastation. However you fared, your next step is to salvage what you can and rebuild. Here is how impact windows and hurricane-resistant doors can help reduce or prevent future losses. Read More 

Tips for Tackling Windshield Ice & Snow

4 October 2016
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Winter is nearly upon us. Depending on where you live in the US, you could soon be dealing with freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall. When it comes to removing the resulting ice and snow buildup from your car's windshield, you'll want to play it safe to avoid cracking or even breaking the windshield altogether. Here are a few tips to keep in mind this winter: Use Plastic Scrapers Only When dealing with ice and snow on your windshield, the last thing you need is a metal tool that could potentially leave scratches and other marks in your windshield. Read More 

5 Kitchen Cabinets That Should Have Custom Pull-Outs

4 October 2016
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When you are working with your contractor to design your dream kitchen, the success of your project depends on your level of detail. While it is important to consider the overall shape and style of your kitchen, including what style of counters or cabinets you want, choosing accessories that work with your kitchen use and make your life easier will help you appreciate your kitchen for years to come. Custom accessories vary from extra sinks or pot racks to specialized drawers. Read More 

Anticipating An Upcoming Excavation Project? Here’s What You Need To Do To Prepare

6 September 2016
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Whether you are planning to have an in-ground pool installed or just having some of your property somewhat rearranged, there is a good chance you will be working with an excavator to get the job done. While excavation at any level is a beneficial service, it can also require quite a large amount of planning and preparation. The heavy equipment used in the excavation process means that you should most definitely be prepared as a property owner so the project goes as seamlessly as possible. Read More 

The Basics Of Building A Pole Barn On Your Property

2 August 2016
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When you are fortunate enough to live on a large parcel of land, you can build auxiliary structures on your property to house vehicles, lawn equipment, work tools, livestock feed and even farm animals. You do not need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to obtain a sturdy structure. A simple pole barn constructed over the course of a few days can be a more economical and long-lasting alternative to a full-sized barn or other type of standalone facility. Read More